Changemakers believes that brilliant young minds are a valuable resource that remains untapped by businesses. They aim to place talented students within companies – not as interns, but as a part of a brainstorming or consultant team. We were approached by the CEO of Changemakers to help them launch their idea to the heads of London’s business world.

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Launch of Changemakers at The “Gherkin” or “30 St. Mary’s Axe,” a famous landmark in the centre of London’. We took advantage of the Gherkin’s 360 view to showcase the historical achievements of young Londoners. Transparent decals tagged locations tied to acts of young genius. Every kind of talent was represented: from the young engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was in charge of the cross Thames tunnel in his early 20’s; to Zadie Smith, the contemporary author who wrote “White Teeth” while at the ICA.