Telling Stories on Twitter

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) or "Logs and Frogs" has some of the more interesting jobs in the Ontario Government. As one of the first ministries with a social media presence (@ONresources), staff was eager to share their stories with the public (and it turned out the public was eager to listen). Together with the program areas, we created several twitter "mini-series" to tell their stories. These series could run from one week to several months. 


Back to School

In 2016, two new recruits joined MNRF's conservation team. Colt and Cedar may be young, but they were carefully scrutinized and selected to begin training as conservation officers. Knowing the loves a good pup, we convinced the ministry to let the public see what happens at K9 school. In addition to regular text, photo and video updates from their human partners, Colt and Cedar also starred in special information graphics designed to educate their fans on the science behind their training.


Winter Wonderland

While MNRF's social media media channels are busy during the summer, we inevitably hit a dry spell once Ontario enters the depths of winter. To keep our audience engaged, I proposed a mini-campaign promoting outdoor winter activities. Running from January to March, the quirky infographics proved to be a big hit and our social audience grew. 


30x30 Challenge

30x30 Challenge is an annual event spearheaded by David Suzuki and promoted through Ontario Parks. Every summer, Canadians are challenged to participate in a different outdoor activity every day of the month.


Great Outdoors

Summer was the busiest season for MNRF social media, as most Ontarians come into contact with MNRF when they head outdoors to indulge in one of their favourite pastimes: camping, fishing, hiking or visiting the cottage . In addition to the major summer campaigns, @ONresources peppered its channels with smaller pieces of fun, informative content to target these outdoor enthusiasts.